The script for The Cicada’s Lullaby follows a young woman trying to find her voice, and thus her happiness, in her marriage. Set in a despondent coal mining community in West Virginia during the 1960s, she is forced to confront national tragedies and her personal misfortunes. Her obsession with the television leads her to become fascinated with The Kennedy’s. When Jacqueline Kennedy shows up at her backdoor, she begins to question her reality.

The 1960s was a turning point for the nation as a whole – an awakening. The Cicada’s Lullaby addresses the issues on the rise during Second Wave feminism, specifically “the problem with no name”. While Second Wave feminism was largely centered on the human rights of middle and high class white women, the script centers on a woman sheltered by the rural Appalachian region. She and her family live modestly, without the comforts affluence provides, in contrast to the narrative of many woman partaking in the feminist movement at the time. The screenplay brings the world of politics, of glitz and glamour, of elegant dinners and photoshoots together with that of Appalachia, of blue collar work, of tradition.


Seeds, Dale

Second Advisor

Holt, Katherine


Film Studies; History


Screenwriting | United States History | Women's History


The Cicada's Lullaby

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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