The following study examines how development coalitions of Cleveland, Ohio have evolved with the changing metropolitan economy and how this has affected the types of development projects built in the city overtime. The study builds a model that test whether the independent variable of the type of metropolitan economy affects the intervening variable of a development coalition that thus influences the type of economic development project built within the city.

The methodology of this project operationalizes the given variables that make up the model that is to be tested. The study will use census data to track the type of metropolitan economy Cleveland could be categorized as during each projects time period. The development coalition will be different for each project and will be examined by who makes up the most influential members, and where their resources come from. The nature of each projects will be measured by the intended use of each development. Examining who are the direct beneficiaries of each development will help categorize the project.

This study examined three distinct economic development projects over the past 50 plus years of Cleveland. Those being the Erieview Urban Renewal Project, The Gateway Sports and Entertainment Complex and the projects surrounding the Greater University Circle Initiative. The study found a weak link of influential industries of a given economic time period and the general make-up of development coalition but could not conclude that the influential members of development coalitions had any profound impact on the nature of the development projects the coalitions aligned themselves with. The model did not account for outside factors like public perception and timing of projects.

Future areas to build on include examining other cities with influential development coalitions to study if other cities economic history allowed for different development projects to occur Another area to examine is the nature of development projects that did not come to fruition and to study to what extent this was influenced by either the presence or lack thereof a development coalition.


Moskowitz, Eric


Urban Studies


Urban Studies and Planning


Development Coalition

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