Many young adolescents are engaging in risky sexual behavior, such as unprotected sex or sex with multiple partners. The associated consequences for engaging in risky sexual behavior are sexually transmitted infections and unintended pregnancy. Awareness of the consequences and which individuals are more susceptible to engage in risky sexual behavior is pertinent. Personality and parenting styles have been identified as factors that can predict risky sexual behavior. The goal of the current study was to examine what personality factors predict risky sexual behavior and the effects of parenting styles on the relationship between personality and risky sexual behavior. A total of 253 male and female participants were administered a survey on their personality, sexual behavior, and experienced parenting styles. Results of the study showed that honesty/humility, conscientiousness, extraversion, openness, and emotionality were predictors of risky sexual behavior. Furthermore, authoritative parenting from mothers did have an effect on the relationship between personality and risky sexual behavior, eliminating the relationship. The results of this study indicate that parenting styles, more specifically authoritative parenting, has more of an effect on risky sexual behavior compared to personality.


Garcia, Amber




Social and Behavioral Sciences

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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