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Air Pollution in Modern China And the Wisdom in The Traditional Chinese Thought



Today, China has a serious problem with pollution. Smog continually gets worse, sometimes the smog is so serious that every day people are not able to see the road or other people. Environmentalists are calling on the government to introduce new environmental policies to reduce carbon dioxide and PM2.5. China's air pollution is a result of China's industrialization, modernization and urbanization. This issue is also a direct consequence of the Chinese people to change their traditional cosmology. In traditional Chinese culture, there are poetry, paintings and philosophies that reflect how the Chinese people have shown reverence and respect for nature. In the traditional cultural masterpiece, we can see how people lived in harmony with nature. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the Chinese people have greatly changed their attitude with nature, in the nature of transformation process, the Chinese people not only pollute their own survival of the natural environment, but also to their opposition of nature which has resulted in their alienation from nature.


Wang, Rujie


Chinese Studies


Chinese Studies | Environmental Studies


China, CO2 emissions, traditional, modern, nature

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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