This project addresses the research question: how do nationalist leaders affect the levels of support for their self-determination movements? A review of the literature identified that this question has not been properly studied; therefore, in an effort to address this question, this study turns to charismatic leadership in order to close this large gap in the literature. The main hypothesis of this study is that if nationalist leaders are charismatic, then the leaders will be more likely to increase the levels of support for their self-determination movements. Charismatic leadership is regarded as the result of the combination of the following traits/skills: (1) visionary, (2) communicative, (3) trustworthy, (4) impression management. Two nationalist movement leaders from Catalonia were chosen for this study: (1) Jose Montilla, and (2) Artur Mas. According to this research, charismatic leadership has an effect on the levels of support for self-determination movements; however, these findings are inconclusive because of methodological difficulties. Changes need to be made and further experiments should be conducted to come to conclusive results.


Kille, Kent


International Relations; Political Science


International Relations | Political Science


Identity, Nationalism, Charismatic Leadership.

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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