This study looks to examine the relationship between digit ratio, physical fitness, and athletic ability in football players, specifically digit ratio as an indicator of physical fitness and athletic ability. Previous research has indicated that exposure to prenatal testosterone levels affects the ratio between the second and fourth hand digits and that this has been shown to be related to a variety of other developmental factors. The genes that control the development of the testes also control the development of finger length, thus indicating a relationship between prenatal testosterone and physical ability. Digit ratio has also been shown to have a negative correlation with physical fitness, meaning that a low digit ratio is an indicator of someone who is physical fit, the lower the ratio the more fit they are. Digit ratio has been shown to correlate with athletic ability as those who perform better in athletic competitions have low digit ratios. Digit ratio's relation with physical fitness and athletic ability is an under researched area and we hope to add to this area.


Casey, Michael




Biological Psychology


Digit ratio, athletic ability, grip strength, physical fitness

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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