This study analyzes what attracts/influences recruiters and relationship seekers when viewing LinkedIn.com and Match.com profiles respectively. It will also look to see if the gender, race, or professionalism of the person in the profile has an effect on how much time is spent looking at the profile and how attractive the participants find the individuals in the profile. Visual behavior (e.g., what participants look at most) was investigated through the use of MH100 Smart Glasses. Additionally, participants were asked to complete a survey based upon the strengths/weaknesses of 15 Match.com profiles and the 10 LinkedIn profiles. Attractiveness to the profiles for Match.com and the willingness to hire the profiles for LinkedIn was also measured. Participants had 20 minutes to look through 10 LinkedIn profiles or through 15 Match.com profiles. The specific numbers of profiles were chosen based upon the need for variety in race, gender, and professionalism capacities. A series of 2 X 2 Analyses of Variance (ANOVAs) was used to analyze any differences between the viewing of different LinkedIn profiles and Match.com profiles. A series of Chi-squared test of independence were tested to see if there was a relationship between the LinkedIn target profiles and the gender of the recruiter. Participants (recruiters) spent significantly more time viewing the professionally styled profile pictures for LinkedIn in comparison to the unprofessional LinkedIn profile pictures. In addition, unprofessional minority male and unprofessional minority females were more likely to be hired by female recruiters in comparison to the male recruiters. Lastly. the professional profiles for Match.com were rated as more attractive than the unprofessional profiles for Match.com.


Thelamour, Barbara




Industrial and Organizational Psychology

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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