The purpose of this study was to investigate the differences in perceptions of bullying. More specifically, research was conducted to investigate whether factors such as group membership of participants (students, teachers, and parents) and bullying and age were associated with different perceptions of bullying. The participants included 48 college students, 71 parents of Elementary School students, and 37 Elementary School teachers, who were asked to complete an online survey regarding their perceptions of bullying. The results varied in significance. Significant results were found to indicate an effect of group membership on accuracy of predictions regarding the number of bullying victims. There was agreement (no significant difference) across the three groups regarding gender as a factor influencing participation in bullying as a victim. Overall, the study suggests multiple factors influencing perceptions of bullying. The results of a correlation indicated that older participants are more likely to attribute bullying behaviors to male students.

Overall, the study points to the influence of multiple factors on perceptions of bullying. This study attempts to solidify the importance of awareness and proper education of bullying.


Neuhoff, John


Education; Psychology


Educational Psychology


bullying, victimization, victim, bully, student, teacher, parent, school, elementary

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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