This project concerns itself with the theoretical framework and application of ethnoarchaeological research methods in the Maya region. Following an in-depth discussion of ethnoarchaeology and its theoretical locus within archaeology as well as the transformations it has seen in recent year, the current work focuses on the following source- and subject-side cultural groups and phenomena: cave use at La Ventana and La Ventana Campana by Maya peoples from the Suchitepéquez and Sololá Department of Guatemala in comparison with Problematical Deposit 21 at Tikal, Petén, Guatemala. The purpose of this work is not only to investigate the case study mentioned above but also to take stock of ethnoarchaeological, ethnographic, and archaeological work in the region and critically assess the potential of ethnoarchaeology in the Maya region.


Navarro-Farr, Olivia




Indigenous Studies | Latin American Languages and Societies | Other Religion

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis Exemplar



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