The topic examined within this study is the manner in which non-human entity’s identities change when they come into contact with modern society, in this case American society. I argue that the changes seen in the identities of these non-human beings are related to the manner in which they are employed by those who chose to use them. In this particular study, I look at Lilith and how modern society has impacted her identity. I support my argument by first examining the way Lilith’s identity is formed by the post-biblical textual tradition, and the manner in which this identity serves the purpose of the authors. I then proceed to examine texts from Jewish feminists, academic sources, and metaphysical astrologers, tracing in relative chronological order the changes seen within Lilith’s identity. In the end, we are presented with a figure that is entirely transformed by American culture, no longer a wicked being, but a personal healing force that resides within all people.


Rapport, Jeremy


Religious Studies


Comparative Methodologies and Theories | New Religious Movements | Other Religion | Religion

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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