This paper is sectioned into four chapters. Each chapter is designed to aid the overall argument, which is through the spread of Russian organized crime through globalization.

The first chapter discusses four key authors that have written books over this topic. I review the four authors, and show their views towards this subject. This aids the cohesive paper by offering outside opinions of the subject at hand. The majority have the view that the Russian mafia is spreading globally and inhabiting areas such as the United States. However, one source, by two authors, does not agree that the Russian mafia has infiltrated the United States.

The next chapter delves into locations around the world that have Russian organized crime activity. Then, I go into specific detail on one group called the Solntsevskaya Bratva. It is the largest group of Russian organized crime and offers insightful information on business tactics and locations. Lastly, I look at only the United States, to show key figures that have contributed to the help of spreading organized crime to location abroad.


Pozefsky, Peter




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