There’s just something special about Oregon. The state is known for being a cool, young place, or the liberal bastion where the ideas of the counter culture never died. The reality of the state however is more complex. This study is a cultural geographical examination of the truth of Oregon’s reputation, and why it exists the way it does, where it does. Two Oregonian towns, Eugene and Bend, will be plotted and assessed. The source of geospatial data for this study will be twenty years of the phonebook listings for key types of businesses in the two towns. Materials such as businesses’ mission statements, internet presence, and interviews will supplement the image of the settings. Finally, this study will explore the state’s history to help explain it’s unique cultural climate. Results indicate that four characteristics of Oregon, called pavestones, have facilitated the formation of Oregon’s reputation and culture. This study will label the four pavestones utopia, pioneer spirit, frontier homestead, and republicanism.


Roche, Jeff

Second Advisor

Judge, Shelley


Geology; History


Arts and Humanities


Cultural Geography, Oregon, Bend, Eugene

Publication Date


Degree Granted

Bachelor of Arts

Document Type

Senior Independent Study Thesis



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