This Study seeks to examine the contestation of an emerging norm by one or more state actors dedicated to defending the previous status quo, drawing from modern developments on international relations constructivist theory. It presents the following research question: To what extent does contestation of formal validity by a state norm antipreneur during a window of opportunity affect the norm's strength? It hypothesizes that if a state antipreneur will be able to decrease the strength of an emerging norm and slow its progression through the norm life cycle. It further hypothesizes that if this occurs, the norm will not be able to achieve the final stage of the norm life cycle, internalization. It tests these two hypotheses through a process tracing methodology, which engages in a qualitative analysis of documents published by relevant branches of the United Nations, and related conferences and forums. It concludes with a discussion of the theoretical and political implications of the study.


Lantis, Jeffrey


Political Science


Constructivism, Norm Emergence Theory, Antipreneur, Cyberspace, Internet governance

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Degree Granted

Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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