In order to understand the relationships among caregiver-child attachment, school attitude and perceived teacher acceptance and their potential predictive influences on middle-childhood children’s academic performance in Southwest China, an experiment was carried out in two elementary schools in Bazhong City and Nanxi City, Sichuan province, China. A total of four hundred and thirty four children (224 males and 209 females) completed the questionnaires, which assessed their security with the main-caregivers, attitudes towards the schools and the perceived teacher acceptance. The 2013-2014 fall semester final exam reports were obtained, to indicate children’s academic performance. The data were analyzed by SPSS with the Pearson’s correlation test, linear regression analysis and multiple regression analysis. The results showed that caregiver-child attachment could not predict children’s school attitude, teacher acceptance or academic performance. There was a significant correlation between school attitude and teacher acceptance. In addition, all these variables plus sex worked together to predict children’s academic performance. Researches in this area can be conducted in more cities with cultural-oriented questionnaires and the consideration of local characteristics, such as the multi-caregiver system, and the exam-centered educational training.


Thelamour, Barbara




Social and Behavioral Sciences

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