The purpose of the study was to determine if level of motivation regarding health issues is related to level of processing advertisements for contraceptives. Through an electronic survey, participants were randomly assigned to one of three health concern measures. These three measures asked about acne, menstrual cramps, or pregnancy. All participants were asked to complete questions about their perceptions of contraceptives and advertisements. After completing these measures, the participants were shown the corresponding contraceptive advertisement. One of the advertisements highlighted the use of contraceptives for acne, one addressed the use of contraceptives for menstrual cycle regulation, and one focused on the use of contraceptives for pregnancy prevention. After viewing the assigned ad, participants were asked to answer a series of questions that were designed to measure the way in which they processed the advertisement. The findings for this study were not found to support the elaboration likelihood model, but there were correlations that could explained through the elaboration likelihood model


Johnson, Michelle

Second Advisor

Garcia, Amber


Communication Studies; Psychology


Contreeptives, Elaboration Likelihood Model, Advertisement

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Degree Granted

Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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