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Une Déconstruction Néocoloniale de l'Idéologie Une Pour Une


This project is divided into three chapters. The first chapter “Setting the Table: Theoretical Tensions of Northern Humanitarian Intervention in the Global South” introduces the theoretical framework that is used as a basis to critically analyze the case study that appears in Chapter Two. This chapter particularly focuses on Said’s concept of Orientalism, Cole’s White-Savior Industrial Complex, and proceeds to map out relevant existing debates between Global Radical Feminism and Postcolonial Feminism. The theory brought forth in this chapter illustrates that North-South humanitarian dynamics can easily lead to problems of neo-orientalism, neocolonialism, and speaking for others.

The second chapter is in French and is titled « Une Étude De Cas Des Matériaux Promotionnels de TOMS et l’Idéologie Une Pour Une » which can be translated to “A Case Study of TOMS’ Promotional Materials and the One For One Ideology” in English. This chapter is a discursive analysis of the new and popular phenomenon TOMS Shoes, a for profit that encourages people to do philanthropy through consumerism. This company has a One For One model of giving which commodifies happiness. This chapter concludes that TOMS’ promotional materials perpetuate a neocolonial narrative because the company was founded on dialectically deaf principles.

The third chapter, “Deconstructing One For One” critiques TOMS using the theory proposed in chapter one. This chapter uses Alison Jaggar’s theory to establish the importance of competing narratives to counter the one-sided neocolonial narrative constructed as a result of dialectical deafness. This chapter particularly draws from Angela Davis, Linda Martín Alcoff, and Chandra Mohanty’s theories to substantiate the claims that One For One giving is short-term, symptoms oriented, and neo-orientalist.


Gamble, Harry

Second Advisor

McBride, Lee


Philosophy; French and Francophone Studies


Colonialism, Feminism, Philosophy, global South, global North, Dignity, Development, Resistance, Oppression, Hierarchy, Hegemony, Orientalism

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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