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Study on After-School Programming in American Public Schools


This Independent Study gives insight and perspective into after-school programming for low-income students. This study investigates and analyzes problems within the education system and how they have been addressed historically and theoretically. It delves deeper into the underpinnings of programs that are governmentally funded and the issues with this kind of funding. To investigate this topic I performed research on specific after-school programs in the areas of Chicago, IL and Wooster, OH. I interviewed and surveyed employees of the organizations and volunteers to research effectiveness, differences, funding, and structure of programs. From this research I have concluded that there are social issues that reside in the education system that can be addressed effectively through after-school programming.


Kardulias, P. Nicholas


Sociology and Anthropology; Education


Curriculum and Social Inquiry


Education, Public Schools, After-School Programming, Social Inequality, Poverty

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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