This body of work titled A Portrait a Day Keeps the Doctor Away, explores the ideas of change, masks, and insecurity in a series of self-portraits that seeks to uncover new aspects of myself and my subconscious. These self-portraits relay the idea of masking insecurities while also putting them on display. By using 17” by 22” Crane Museo max Fine Art Paper, I printed 25 of the same black and white portrait of myself. Each day I took one of the portraits and manipulated it using mixed media, portraying emotions and experiences for that day. By doing this day-to-day I was able to take psychological art therapy theory and understand and cope with my inner turmoil while simultaneously exploring raw human emotion. Inspired from works by Petah Coyne, Friedrich Kunath, Nikos Gyftakis, Anna Dabrowska, Justine Reyes, Ray Johnson, Jill Greenberg, Ken Rosenthal, Ted Kuykendall and a plethora of others, I was able to use similar techniques and ideas to construct my day-to-day experiences and emotions and track changes in myself. It is important to share this work to help further understanding of change, understanding of raw human emotion, and completing the psychological process of overcoming insecurity by pulling back the walls of self and immersing in complete vulnerability.


Milligan, Bridget


Art and Art History


Fine Arts

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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