Throughout history the art of dance has often been performed with musical accompaniment. Movement can certainly stand alone and exist without sound attached to it; nonetheless, there is an undeniable bond between the two art forms, which provokes questions as to what draws such a close connection between them. My Independent Study is an investigation of different ways in which music has been used in modern dance for the concert stage. By investigating choreographers Paul Taylor, Martha Graham, and Rudolf Laban’s philosophies about music for dance, I constructed a dance piece entitled Settle the Score that seeks to explore how music can affect conceptual and movement-related artistic choices. Settle the Score is divided into three sections, each of which utilized one of the three choreographer’s methodologies. I was able to put these methodologies into practice through my choreography, and also had the privilege of directing two student musicians who composed all of the music heard in my work. Based on the three theories, I hoped to discover different ways in which music can alter my approach to choreography.


Tritt, Kimberly


Theatre and Dance


Composition | Dance

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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