This Independent Study explores the development of Light Rail Transportation (LRT) systems in 6 metropolitan regions around The United States. To have a better background on the subject ofLRT systems the current and past literature was researched and then reviewed. From this a study was formed to evaluate and measure three variables that were found to be imperative to the development of transportation systems around the country. The three variables were found to be; community coalition groups advocating light rail development, a strong and supportive business community that also is strongly advocating light rail, the third was that there was an overseeing transportation agency that was instrumental in the developing, planning, and building of light rail. The method used in this study was a case study approach. The variables were to be measured on three levels of activity across the board; high, medium and low. The local newspaper archives for the individual metropolitan areas were researched online for relevancy and then the information containing the variables were reviewed in the individual case studies. After the case studies were compiled the variables were measured based on the found information and measured on the basis above. Further research of light rail could be more promising if done on sight and with the availability of physical archives, not just internet ones.


Moskowitz, Eric

Second Advisor

Burnell, James


Urban Studies

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis

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