The main purpose of this study is to examine the problems plaguing the American community. Specifically to examine one of the solutions to the many problems that have and are still occurring in American communities. The problem presented in this document is about urban sprawl, the sprawl that is developing in the areas outside of metropolitan cities. Why is this occurring in the suburbs and not the city? In today's society, the majority of American citizens reside in suburban developments. This does not mean that the problem of sprawl does not affect other communities besides the suburbs. It is a problem that is found in urban communities like the city and small town communities. New Urbanism, one of the solutions to the problem, focuses on redesigning the way planning for the suburb and other communities is done. In that redesign or new design, the human environment is shaped not towards that of the individual but towards that of the community as a whole. The new movement in planning uses traditional town planning principles to create a sense of place. Also to aid in the better understanding of design, this study will present several illustrations that capture sprawl and New Urbanism.


Burnell, James

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Moskowitz, Eric


Urban Studies

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis

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