This study examines the roles and status of women in Zimbabwe before and after Independence in 1980. It focuses on whether or not women actually have rights now that Independence has occurred. The review of literature examines several research studies all discussing before, during and after Independence in Zimbabwe. The study also discusses several theories including, functionalism, conflict, elite and eclectic feminist theories. The methods used in this study were personal interviews and questionnaires in the mail. The results section includes both FREQUECIES and T-TEST runs. In sum, the paper is a view of the status of black women in Zimbabwe before, during and, especially, after Independence. Results showed that black Zimbabwean women do enjoy a greater economic, political and social power than they enjoyed before Independence. Future research will be undertaken to further this study over a longer period of time in order to obtain a larger sample.


Hurst, Charles


Sociology and Anthropology

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis

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