Chronically ill adolescents experience an altered development of self because of the unique identities that arise through the course of their illness. This study focused on adolescents with Crohn's Disease, a chronic illness mainly affecting the immune and digestive systems, and their movement through four identity levels (supernormal, restored, contingent personal, and salvaged) as presented by Cathy Charmas (1987). My sample was obtained from a population of fourteen adolescents with Chron's Disease. The adolescents completed a survey which questioned their attitudes about selected school activities and their illness. Through this study determined behaviors during the chronically ill child's school experiences which correlate with these identity levels. Broader social implications of deviance and labeling in illness are examined through the perspective of Merton's Anomie Theory.


Fitz Gibbon, Heather


Sociology and Anthropology

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis

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