This paper examines dating violence and whether a relationship exists between it and the self-esteem of the woman. A sample of heterosexual college women in violent dating relationships has been examined for the qualitative and quantitative aspect of this study; further data on dating violence upon college women and their social interaction along with the self-esteem of the woman has been collected through journals, news articles, books, and other literature. Support through the selected theories, has shown relation between dating violence and its affects on the social interaction and self-esteem. Those theories, such as, Generational Theory of Violence, Social Learning Theory, and the Symbolic Interaction Theory, have all contributed to this study's findings and may aid in deducting whether the relationship may exist between social interaction and the self-esteem of woman on college campuses and dating violence; as well as, understanding what may be its cause. Thus far, social interaction and self-esteem not only has relation with dating violence, but may be a preceding variable within a cycle of violence.


Horowitz, Sheryl

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Hurst, Charles


Sociology and Anthropology

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis

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