Seconds Anyone? An Exploration of the Secondhand Consumer Market and its Consumers

Katharyne L. Marcus, The College of Wooster


The consumers of secondhand items are as unique as the items they purchase. Through this research I explored who these consumers are. Secondhand consumers are diverse across race, gender, age, and income divisions. Through the use of a survey, the many reason people buy secondhand emerged. The range extended from the simple economic need to the desire for whimsical items. People are interested in the exchange of goods from one time to another. The value placement put upon the items they purchase are left to their own choice, as they have special meaning for what they buy. What people buy is also quite diverse, some buy anything whereas others are in search of antiques only. For some, a stigma exists, however they are able to rationalize it or take an alternate route in finding what they are looking for. Much of secondhand consumerism about acquiring masses of items, particular or not, in order to meet the goals and satisfactions of their consumer desire .


© Copyright 1999 Katharyne L. Marcus