The Rave Experience: An Ethnographic Study of the Cleveland, Ohio Rave Scene

Janice L. Kazimir, The College of Wooster


The Rave Experience is an ethnographic analysis ofthe Cleveland, Ohio rave scene. A rave, as it pertains to this study, is basically an all night dance party. The main purpose of this study was to gain the insiders or ravers perspective of rave culture through research based upon participant observation and interviews with rave participants. The - study extended from November 1998 through January 1999. The Rave Experience reviews several pieces of literature concerning rave culture, which focus upon such aspects of rave as dance, drug use, and how rave relates to other facets of society. In addition, this thesis explores several theories, which are used to understand and explain rave culture such as: rave exists as an institution created by youths in search of their identity; rave is a youth resistance movement and a form of escape from mainstream society; and rave builds social solidarity among its participants, while social standing within the rave scene is determined upon "subcultural capital." Also, the methods of my research are reviewed and documented in detail. Last, the findings of my research are presented and based upon the insiders or ravers perspective.


© Copyright 1999 Janice L. Kazimir