This study examines the social construction of black single motherhood and the stigma and stereotypes that are associated with the category. Interviews were held with an urban sample of six single black mothers from Atlanta, Georgia. The participants provided their own perspective and opinions on the phenomena and themes were able to develop. The categories that the themes are under are: Defining Single Mothers; How Mothers Become Single Mothers; Consequences/Challenges for a single Mother; Stereotypes/Stigma of Black Single Mothers. Through the interviews and themes this study was able to provide a better understanding of the construction of single black mothers. The theories that are featured in this study is symbolic interaction, stigma, deviance, moral panics, the looking-glass self, and feminist theory. The literatures featured in this study are broken down into three sections: (1) Differences in sexuality; (2) Images/stereotypes of black single mothers; (3) Perceptions of marriage of single black mothers.


Nurse, Anne


Sociology and Anthropology




single Black mothers

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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