There are approximately 500,000 youth in the United States foster care system today. Every year 25,000 young people between the ages of eighteen and twenty-one leave the system and enter into society. They face many challenges. This project focuses on a set of interrelated questions. How does policy affect workers in the system and their ability to help youth age out? How do workers address the challenges they face in order to effectively do their job? Finally do how youth manage the hardships they must face? I examine these questions through the frameworks of Karl Marx, Paul Farmer, Philippe Bourgois, Paul Willis and Pierre Bourdieu. My study focused on one local area: Wayne County Ohio. I interviewed six professionals in this field and discovered that there is a disconnect between federal policies and on the ground implementation. I also found that within this smaller community workers have found great ways to counteract the strain put on them by the Child Welfare System


Nurse, Anne


Sociology and Anthropology


Courts | Educational Leadership | Social and Cultural Anthropology | Social Work


foster care system, social workers

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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