Taking about race can be difficult. However, if approached in an inclusive manner, the notions of the conversations can shift from tough to effective. This study examines Albany Park Theatre Project’s production and performance process as an example to have those effective conversations with the use of theatre. This study will show the process of including community members in the development of a devised performance from the positions of a storyteller, actor and audience. To examine the devised performance process, I have developed a tool to analyze the optional positions of the community and their interactions with each other. Many scholars have complied research on identity, cultural identity and the discussion of race. This study builds upon those scholarly concepts to develop the tool to be used to further these discussions in and out of the theatre. Identifying a repeatable format for turning tough conversations into effective communications is a foundational goal of this Independent Study.


Seeds, Dale


Theatre and Dance


Fine Arts | Other Social and Behavioral Sciences | Performance Studies | Race, Ethnicity and Post-Colonial Studies | Theatre and Performance Studies | Urban Studies and Planning


R.A.C.E., race, critical race theory, cultural theory, Albany Park Theatre Project, APTP, Audience, Actor, Storyteller

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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