Over the years, Wooster City Schools have been tracking and analyzing approximately 10,000 students' record. However, Wooster City Schools are using multiple software together to store test results and create intervention plans. The purpose of this Independent Study project is to design a web-based system called DataLongLegs that integrates all required functions into a single system. DataLongLegs will be available to up to 25,000 private and public institutions, with the possibility that reaching 10 million students. The theory of this independent study will focus on software engineering. Specically, we first discuss software developing life cycle and models. After determine the discussion of software engineering, we focus on requirements elicitation and design for DataLongLegs. We first elicit requirements by meeting with our client, Sara Reith, and then design the user interface for the system based on these requirements. We also design a database that is related to DataLongLegs, which stores student records and user information.


Gray, Simon


Computer Science


Computer and Systems Architecture | Data Storage Systems | Digital Communications and Networking


software development, software design, software engineering, database

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Degree Granted

Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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