This body of work is called A Functional Family, which I explore a way to visually expel my personal dysfunctional family stories and prove that a functional family does not exist, while also working towards understanding how the family dynamic uses humor as a coping mechanism. Using Dura-Lar, Mylar, Yupo films and watercolor color paper I drew illustrations, which visually narrate these personal family stories. Inspired from works by Anthony Goicolea, Shahzia Sikander, Ilya Kabakov, Marcel Dzama, and Jim Dine I was able to portray these stories by using similar techniques from these artists. It is important to share these stories in some way so that we may acknowledge the dark, dry, and humorous moments that we have experienced with our family members and understand that a functional family is both boring and surreal.


Mangubi, Marina

Second Advisor

Dierdorff, Brooks

Third Advisor

Taylor, Chris


Art and Art History

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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