The purpose of this study was to identify the ideology presented within two mindful eating blogs. To carry out this study, I conducted an ideological criticism to deconstruct the main beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that each blog promoted. Results of the study demonstrated that the blogs presented an ideology of empowerment and liberation of the female body and self. The blogs reinforced this ideology by encouraging women to (1) to trust their bodies in choosing flexibility, balance, and moderation when making food choices; (2) to practice awareness and acceptance of emotional and physical eating triggers; and finally (3) to embrace imperfections, vulnerability, and mistakes throughout the eating process. In contrast, the blogs framed dieting as an oppressive and controlling system wherein the body is frequently rendered powerless as external dieting rules often take priority over internal knowledge and bodily needs. One major implication of this study is that it provides another perspective on health that can be used to challenge the dominant weight-loss and weight management approaches toward health.


Boser, Beth


Communication Studies


Arts and Humanities


mindful eating, blogs, ideology

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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