Chinese civilization has existed for thousands of years in relative isolation from western influence. In the past 200 years, western presence has increased exponentially. The focus of this thesis is to understand how Chinese identity has reacted and changed to these influences. This thesis also analyzes how Taiwanese people and the citizens of Hong Kong identify themselves with relation to their ties to China and their relationship with foreign influence. This study uses literary and film analysis to understand the identities of these people. Overall, the study found that the Taiwan and Hong Kong identities are more concerned with how much they wish to associate themselves with mainland culture rather than with the growing presence of western influence. Yet they can’t deny that there is Chinese influence in their identity. The Chinese are concerned with the recovery and preservation of their traditions. They fear the growing presence of western culture will replace the old Chinese traditions. However, they maintain that some traditions will never die.


Zhang, Yue

Second Advisor

Wang, Rujie


Chinese Studies


Chinese Studies


China, identity, Hong Kong, Taiwan

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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