The purpose of this research was to utilize The College of Wooster’s student-run radio station, WOO 91, as a case study of how college radio stations can create or maintain a positive organizational image through community relations strategies. Past studies on college radio have been limited to the history and purpose of the genre, and the existing scholarship does not discuss how college radio stations can better serve off-campus listeners. As a result, I conducted ethnographic interviews with station employees in order to determine the strategies that could be applied to WOO 91’s pursuit of community appeal. Notable strategies include WOO 91’s programming, social media efforts, and partnerships with the local community. This study revealed four major findings: (1) WOO 91’s student employees are not familiar with the Wooster community; (2) the station’s best strategy is its offering of diverse programming for potential listeners; (3) community events are the best way for WOO 91 to build relationships with the community; (4) the station’s student employees stated that WOO 91 could assist The College of Wooster in their community relations efforts. One implication from this research is that WOO 91 should hire a community relations director in order to create and maintain connections between the station and local residents and business owners.


Johnson, Michelle


Communication Studies


Broadcast and Video Studies | Mass Communication | Public Relations and Advertising


college radio, community relations, image, student-run

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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