This Product is 100% Unofficial will discuss how I used art, celebrity theory and artist research to support my process in the studio to create the body of work for my Independent Study that will be shown in the Ebert Student Art Gallery. My main subject matter is appropriated photos and videos of Michael Jackson. I sought out to make my audience aware of their participation in the development of a celebrity’s image and how our perceptions of celebrities become distorted through repetition, reproduction in the media. My ideas and research were translated visually by creating pieces made of glass, mirrors, projectors, manipulated photos and video. All of these elements speak to the fragility of not only Jackson’s image but of all celebrities. My research includes that of Andy Warhol, Michael Jackson, Brian Howell, John Berger and Ellis Cashmore.


Dierdorff, Brooks

Second Advisor

Mangubi, Marina

Third Advisor

Taylor, Chris


Art and Art History


Fine Arts

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Degree Granted

Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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