Historians who study the nineteenth century have focused on the Haitian Revolution and the significance of the insurrection on the rest of the world at the time. They have neglected the effects the Revolution had on post-revolution Haiti. I look at Haiti after the Revolution and more specifically, how Haitian leaders formed an unexpected alliance with British activists. I argue that this collaboration provided a strong, significant example for British abolitionists to use for the antislavery debates in the Haitian Revolution and its effects worldwide. I also highlight how British activists helped Haitian leaders during Haitian state formation. Education provided Haitian leaders with a quality to help in state formation, as well as relations with world powers, including Great Britain. The period following the Haitian Revolution has often overlooked, but it is important to analyze Haitian-British relations during the time in order to understand the abolitionism movement and Haitian state formation.


Parker, Jeff




European History | Latin American History

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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