“Serving Up a Cup” is a Social Practice Art piece. During the year I set up a coffee stand in front of Ebert Art Center one morning a week and hand out free Reach Trade coffee in mugs I made. The mugs were leant out and people on The College of Wooster campus were free to use one of my mugs during the day and return them that evening. Through this action the community welcomed pieces of art into the patterns of their lives. “Serving Up a Cup” places art outside of the art world, encouraging the greater campus community to relate with art in a new way, and to build a stronger sense of community within the campus. Through interactions, labor, and creation the piece comes together to encourage The College of Wooster community to consider a new kind of relationship with art.


Taylor, Chris


Art and Art History


Interactive Arts


social practice art, socially engaged art, community, pottery, mugs

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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