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n. pl. (yu•mas) Is a Spanish term, mainly used in Cuba, to refer to an English- Speaking foreigner, especially an American person.


In my Senior Independent Study, written in the form of a travel memoir, I discuss and attempt to identify the Cuban identity based off of my own experiences after studying abroad in Havana, Cuba. From a first person perspective, I was able to document my experiences but also make observations about the new world I was living in and the people I met. In hopes of discovering the Cuban identity, I discovered that there is no true single Cuban identity. Instead, I discovered that Cuba’s identity is multifaceted and ever-changing. Through exposure to this other world, I was able to make observations as an outsider while documenting my own firsthand experiences. This allowed for greater observations to be made about Cuba since I was experiencing it myself. Not only was I experiencing Cuba but I was making memories with people I had met which enriched my experiences and also influenced my perspective on the country. Much of my memoir is about these personal experiences and how I use my stories to explain Cuba and shed light on aspects of this country that I have been afforded the opportunity to see and observe. These have highly effected my personal opinions on the country and thus my opinions on American-Cuban relations.


Prendergast, Thomas




Cuba, travel, memoir

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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