The purpose of this study was to investigate parents’ perceptions of what influence participation in adaptive sports had on children with autism spectrum disorder (ages 6-12). Specifically, parents were asked to reflect on the effectiveness of their child’s participation in adaptive sports on the development of communication skills, social interaction skills, and motor skills. The researcher created an electronic survey that included a variety of questions that were intended to measure parents’ perceptions. A total of 13 parents completed the survey instrument. The results from this study revealed that parents were relatively neutral about the effectiveness of adaptive sports on their child’s communicative, motor, and social development. However, parents consistently reported adaptive sports to be most beneficial for their children’s motor development. Given the generally neutral responses to the survey items, the researcher offered possible explanations for the results.


Furey, Joan

Second Advisor

Goldberg, Don


Communication Studies


adaptive sports, autism spectrum disorder, parents’ perceptions

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Degree Granted

Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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