In this modern time we have developed a disconnect between our daily lives and agriculture. This has caused us as people to become uneducated in terms of agriculture unless having direct contact with the practice. In an attempt to explore the world of agriculture and to possibly educate those who do not have the opportunities to explore agriculture this project will explore the everyday life of a group of four farmers from rural Ohio. Specifically Morrow County, Ohio is examined historically to develop a backdrop of agriculture history in the area. After examining the area interviews were conducted with four farmers from the area each with a different sized farm, as well as different practices. These Interviews focused on the history of each farmer’s specific farm, their daily lives, and their opinions on three issues within agriculture. The three issues that are focused on are the affects of the government, women, and corporate farms on traditional family farms in Morrow County.


Pozefsky, Peter



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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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