The long, bloody history of the American Mafia has been researched by numerous historians over the course of several decades. The American public has grown increasingly infatuated with the Mafia in the last century because of the national media. The stories of infamous gangsters are told in newspapers and magazines as well as popular movies and plays. Most people associate the Mafia with cities such as New York, Chicago and Las Vegas. However, these are certainly not the only cities that have been a major factor in the American Mafia’s history. Cleveland, Ohio is overlooked by most researching the American Mafia. Beginning in the early twentieth century, organized crime in Cleveland affected the Mafia in many ways ranging from large scale bootleggers during Prohibition to invaluable government informants. Through the use of interviews, testimonies, police records and the most influential secondary sources, this thesis describes in great detail the impact organized crime in Cleveland, Ohio has had on the history of the American Mafia.


Schilling, Hayden




United States History


American Mafia Organized Crime

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