Social media has infiltrated our lives and have changed the ways we communicate with one another. We like to share our lives online and connect through different social media platforms. Just like us, companies and brands are implementing social media into their marketing strategies in order to become more relatable, market their products more effectively, and be where their consumers are. This study provides an analysis on social media marketing in the business and marketing sphere, and how and why they are implementing certain platforms for their companies. From expert interviews and textual analysis, this study examines how and why social media is being used from a business standpoint. The results showed that social media has enhanced traditional marketing efforts, humanized companies, and made them more transparent and relatable to consumers, which could lead to better consumer relationships and possible increased business.

Keywords: social media marketing, marketing, brand-consumer interaction, strategic marketing communication


Atay, Ahmet

Second Advisor

Boser, Beth


Communication Studies




Social Media Marketing, marketing, social media, strategic communication

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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