This thesis explores how an anthropologist can study hospital culture and discusses the relationship between administrators and physicians and how their relationship reflects hospital culture. The Literature Review Chapter explains what previous researchers have discovered about these relationships as well as offers suggestions on how to improve the relationship between the two groups. The Theory Chapter reviews the McDonaldization theory, Organizational Culture Theory, and what anthropologists can do to help the world of business. In Johnson City ,Tennessee at Johnson City Medical Center Hospital (JCMC) the interview method was used to discover physicians and administrators thoughts on the relationship between the two groups as well as their thoughts on the future of the health care industry. Future research is suggested to study the relationship of physicians to the Board of Trustees and how that affects the relationship between physicians and administrators. Overall, this study suggests that the relationship between physicians and administrators is on the road to unity, but physicians and administrators have many obstacles to overcome before they can unite for the same cause, which is providing the best health care to the community .


McConnell, David


Sociology and Anthropology

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis

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