This thesis explores the differences in home environment and how they effect attitudes toward education according to social class. (Theory) This was done by interviewing 18 families whose children currently attend the third grade in two public schools in the township of Wooster, Ohio. The questions gave the parents an opportunity to discuss their attitudes towards reading and homework, their approaches to motivation and discipline, and their participation and satisfaction with their child's educational experience and the public school system. The findings revealed a relationship between income and attitudes towards education. The value placed on certain aspects of education varied according to socioeconomic status. The conclusion reached that income does effect attitudes towards education could be expanded by future researchers investigating a similar topic. A recommendation that might expand the understandings of the effects of income on attitudes towards education is to have a larger pool of participants and to place more emphasis on their cultural background.


McConnell, David


Sociology and Anthropology

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis

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