In this paper I will discuss a study I have done on the effects of tourism on the local inhabitants of host communities. I introduce this study with a discussion of previous research that is related to the topic under study, the effects of tourism. There are four aspects of the host community, on which, I am focusing: (1) personal relations between the people in the host community and the tourists, (2) the economy of the host town, (3) crimes in the host town, (4) and the environment of the area in which the tourist industry has developed and grown. I am looking at the way these four aspects and the native inhabitants of the host community are influenced by the growth of a tourist industry. To better understand this phenomenon I use Redfield's concept of the ideal "folk society", aspects of conflict theory, and the function and dysfunction concepts of Merton's theory to show how the host community is influenced by tourism. I will study and observe a community that has been affected by the tourist industry by doing interviews and participant observation.


Hurst, Charles


Sociology and Anthropology

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis

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