This thesis explores the factors that affect the self-esteem of eight sexually abused pre-adolescent and adolescent females under the services of Wayne County Children Services. Their ages range from twelve years old to eighteen years old. Each young victim was interviewed as well as the corresponding therapist to obtain a broader view of understanding the abuse experienced. This was also done as a "cushion" measure in case the victim was not able to engage in discussion given the sensitivity of the subject. Results showed that despite the wide range of experiences they encountered, there were similarities that they all shared. Those were initial sense of fault and/or shame, nightmares and or flashbacks, taking the role of the "parentified child", issues around trust, parents with issues, and coping mechanisms. The main theme among all the cases were parents with issues and the role they played as a leading factor affecting their self esteem.


Kershaw, Terry


Sociology and Anthropology

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis

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