For my independent study, I explore creating my own methodology, Culturally Aware Analytical Design or CAAD, to further the conversation of intercultural theater and answer the question; how can a western theater space be aptly designed to house a traditional performance with the least negative impact on the agency or authenticity of the home culture? I use two different performances, Bamana kote-tlon and Dogon dama, as case studies for CAAD to examine its efficacy. CAAD shows how research and other factors can be combined and used to create designs that try to avoid appropriation and homogenization of cultures. While I do believe CAAD has started another dialogue on the topic of intercultural theater; I can only hypothesize on the efficacy of my method (because I lack a non-western perspective).


Noriega, Jimmy


Theatre and Dance


Other Theatre and Performance Studies


Scenic Design, CAAD, intercultural, kote-tlon, dama, Bamana, Dogon

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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