Structured as a collection of vignettes, "Even Dusty Palms Dry Tears", recounts moments in the lives of four women as they struggle to deal with disillusionment and disappointment, in a society that continues to trivialize them by virtue of their sex. It explores women's roles and experiences, particularly in relation to men, and shows how these experiences affect their lives and the lives of their offspring. It also identifies ways in which this misogynistic thinking has become acceptable to women who, rather than supporting each other, adopt a mindset that criticizes and devalues their own sex, and as a result allow men to continue belittling them. There are oppressive situations particular to women, and these situations can only be combatted if women begin to take charge of their own lives, rather than allowing others to take care of them. It is important that Jamaican women not only prove themselves worthy of respect, but also demand said respect.


Wingard, Leslie




Fiction | Women's Studies


touching, inspiring, compassionate, heart-rending, gripping

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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