Wrecks on the Infobahn, is my attempt to compose an accurate and relatable depiction of the subculture Millennials have developed, under the monumental influence of the the Internet. The novelette focuses on African- American Millenials. The main characters are fictionalized versions of actual Millenials, whose words, ideas, and experiences are strategically dispersed throughout the work and combined with my own writing. This Independent Study is a fictional illustration of my analysis of my generation and race group. I believe that African-American Millenials are, a generation subgroup that can be fittingly described, as a "coming of age" generation, a generation of youth who have extended the coming of age process, (which is traditionally a time-sensitive procession) into a maintainable lifestyle. Wrecks on the Infobahn, is an eclectic literary work, that portrays this concept by providing its readers with an angle-shifting view of four African American Millenials. The relationships showcased vary; they are one pair of sisters, and one pair of lovers. The pairs are strangers to one another. Through interviews and research, I was able to construct themes of content that seemed valuable to many members of my subject group. The novelette highlights the influence of the omnipresent internet on many African-American Millennial relationships, and identities.


Wingard, Leslie





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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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