This thesis presents a study ofthe small Appalachian town of River City, Ohio, exploring the possible reasons for the choice of individuals to remain in or move away from the town in spite of its relative isolation, the adverse economic conditions, and lack of employment opportunities. Twenty..: three individuals were formally interviewed from five different categories ranging from those who were born and raised in River City and have never left, to those who live in other small towns on the outskirts of River City. From the data analyzed in 17 of the interviews chosen to represent the 23 conducted interviews, several themes emerged which point to possible reasons of why these individuals have remained in River City. Results showed that intimate relationships with kin, the values acquired from one's background, love of place, expressions of negativity toward characteristics of urban cities, depression, education, and several other factors all contributed to the rational and emotional choices the informants made in their decision to remain in River City or to move away .


Hurst, Charles E.


Sociology and Anthropology

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Degree Granted

Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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